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more game to decide who reigns as the champions. argentina and germany face off in rio de janeiro, a game billed as a clash between the best team, germany, against the player, argentina's lionel messi. jeremy has a -- germany has a better record but lionel messi is a leading scorer. we have to bring in jessica taff. this will be a class game. >> absolutely. lionel messi versus the machine. it will be the third time the teams came together for a world cup final. germany won the last meeting. a win on sunday means more than lifting a trophy, it's a victory that could lift a nation. >> they are two different teams that took just as difficult ermgent paths to get to the world cup final in brazil. germany embarrassed the host country, blowing them out 7-1, handling them a first world cup loss on home soil. argentina arrived on a winning and a prayer courtesy of a penalty shoot-out win giving them the edge in a 0-0 draw over the netherlands. it doesn't matter how you get to the time. history cares about the result. one game will determine how a team or player is remembered. the weight o
have argentina at the final. you were with me so i am not making that up. >> i picked germany to lose to italy. they always lose to italy and no one else. i saw argentina would make it all the way. i saw brazil being in their own country could make it and germany was always the best team but i felt there was struggle in brazil and south america and they proved me wrong. >> my wife is said she will check all your tongues to see if there are black spots. it has been a very high-scoring world cup. we have not heard one complaint about the ball. >> one thing that is great outside of mr. luis suarez, the great thing is this soccer. the goals, the attacking style, credit to the coaches and players and for the most part you look at the referreeing. you can always find some mistakes. i have been impressed. it has been really good. they have learned from past world cups where there is a lot of gainsmanship, it was all about speeding up the game and it was great. this was the best one. >> i agree in the sense that this world cup is marked by team spirit more than anything else. there is great p
outdoor screens for visitors to enjoy the games. tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play in the world cup finals live here on abc7 news. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and, remember, you can catch the game on the go on your smartphone or tablet with watch abc. >>> there's much more ahead on abc7 news at 5:00. still to come, an emergency landing in the middle of nowhere. a hair harrowing trip for passengers on one jetliner that ran into trouble crossing the pacific. >> mourning the loss of the punk rock legend, tommy ramone. >> and good evening, i'm frances dinglasan. we have warmer temperatures on the way. we see some clouds off the coast. i'll let you know with the (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein. [shouting] >> this is breaking not of santa rosa, this video posted on youtube was taken minutes ago. it shows a group of protesters marching in support of andy lopez who
is in second place with 5 and neymar in third place. the final between germany and argentina will be held on sunday to decide the world cup champion. argentina is going for a third title and germany a fourth. >>> here is the three-day weather forecast for selected cities. >>> that's all for now on "newsline." thank you for joining us. >>> to discover the world and meet new people let's go on a bicycle tour. today we will take you to the republic of usbekistan in central asia. film and stage actor yuri will ride with us. it connected europe and asia since ancient times. >> translator: rivers are so soothing, aren't they?
and are introducing another bug to control the bugs, and there's ants from argentina that are eating the bugs that are causing the disease. so it's very, very complex. >> that's what i love about the fighting fire with fire. nonnative versus nonnative to protect the citrus. scientists learn when you introduce something new, you think it will fix things, it doesn't go that way. >> scientists did testing over a long period of time where they looked at whether the watches would effect other insects. they say there's no risk of that. >> it was comforting to see the confidence in which he said it wouldn't happen. things evofl. and the wasps over five generations will not go to a native species. given 20 or 100, and maybe all of a sudden they'll move over to a native species. >> a lot of people think we'll have to develop a line of trees that are resistant to the trees. that's down the road. >> keep us posted. we'll enjoy our orange juice for now. >> it may be scarce, you never know >>> after the break a win for conservationists. in the form of a great white shark off the coast in california. we'll
argentina in the championship tomorrow. that's how july reports. thanks for watching, and huckabee starts now. ♪ ♪ >>> tonight on huckabee. croisis on the board, the white house said border security is stronger than ever and patrol agents say they are overwhelmed. >> there is no way to keep up with the amount of people. >> and it is not just uncompanied children coming cross. >> you are not seeing the terrorist coming from the other country. >> the real story on who is coming to america. and rockets fired in israel and israel retaliates with air strikes. >> we will defend ourselves and we will win. >> how far will israel go to
will host the final match between germany and argentina to decide the world cup champion. here's a three-day weather forecast for selected cities. >> that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light.>>> look at thg in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light.>>> look at thg in the this is lake skren eva which lies between france and switzerland. soon we'll arrive in
consolation prize for the world cup. the dutch won today's third prize place. germany, argentina play tomorrow for the championship. amazing. a seven-hour marathon of "the sixties sixties" starts right now with the war in vietnam. >>> it is a mixture of pretty scenery, an ugly event. vietnam reports today of the bloodiest fighting in almost a year. >> we will not surrenderer, and we will not retreat. >> think you can win? i know we can win. >> they are being killed. >> stop this bloody aggression. >> we're in the middle. ♪ >>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> it was just a year ago you stepped up for vietnam. there seems to be discouragement about the progress. can you give us your assessment? >> we are putting in a major effort in vietnam. as you know, we have ten or 11 times as many advisors in there as we had a year ago. so we don't see the end of the tunnel, but i must say i don't think it's darker than a year ago, in someways lighter. >> early on, kennedy made a command decision, we will not allow south vietnam to fall to the communists. >> in s
place, they lost to the netherlands, 3-0. tomorrow argentina and germany play for the cup and there will be a security presence unlike brazil or any other place has ever seen. >> reporter: no one can accuse brazil of scrimping on security for soccer's biggest event. the country totaled nearly $1 billion in security costs, five times what south africa spent during the 2010 cup. come sunday, rio de janeiro may look like an occupied city. 25,000 troops, military police, firefighters, and national guardsmen are being deployed. largest ever in the city's history the state security chief told reporters it is an immense responsibility, and we are working to prevent this kind of situation. police crash often with anti-cup protestors early in the tournament. security forces used tear gas and pepper spray to break up an opening-day march before it ever got started. "this is rio's new $45 million command and control center which was modeled on counterterrorism centers in new york and around the world. the center's deputy director edval novaes demonstrated the massive video wall which
germany and argentina. for the past several weeks, these games have been quite a spectacle, fueling excitement, amazement and raw emotion. abc's bob woodruff has the latest tonight from rio de janeiro. >> reporter: brazil was never supposed to be playing today. the host country had every expectation of being in tomorrow's final. now, a showdown between soccer powerhouses argentina and germany. more than 100,000 argentinean fans are pouring into rio. ♪ most can't get tickets to the game, instead, watching from their tents and buses that they drove for four days just to get here. >> what team do you prefer to win the cup? >> reporter: u.s. >> this is utterly beyond belief. the final score line here is brazil, 1, germany, 7. >> reporter: despite brazil's bitter disappointment, even losing their top star neymar, the tournament itself has been a phenomenal success. it was marked by tense shootouts, late-game heroics and spectacular goals. this header from a player they call the flying dutchman is considered one of the greatest goals in world cup history. and helped knock out the reigni
of early goals left brazil struggling oriole and they never recovered. germany takes on argentina in tomorrow's title game. >>> a sight in cleveland had everyone talking today and it was not king james. a controlled demolition took down the inner belt, bridge in true explosive fashion. for 55 years it carried hundreds of millions of cars across the cuyahoga river. this morning it was gone in half a second. it will be replaced by two new bridges. they should both be up and running in time for lebron's debut this fall. and it is the moon that will be taking on a starring role tonight. a so-called super moon will light up the skies, appearing bigger and celebrator than what we're used to. it happens when the moon orbits closer to earth. if you happen to miss tonight's show, you're in luck. this is the first of three super moons we'll see this summer. >>> up next, 77 years later another amelia earhart is flying into the history books. you know what i love america? fine barbecue, good times and zero heartburn. ♪ and that's why i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartbur
, representado por argentina y europa representado por alemania. va a ganar el favorito alemania. para los brasileÑos es difÍcil porque pensar que argentina vaya a tener en su casa serÍa una humillaciÓn tras otra. >> aqui en el mercado popular de rÍo de janeiro, no serÁn expertos en la bolsa de valores pero s en como algo no se ha despreciado. los vendedores estÁn decepcionados por lo que la pÓliza de alemania hizo sobre la mercancÍa que ellos venden. >> la oferta y la demanda que atrae turistas aquÍ todo estÁ en rebaje, y por todas partes se compran camisetas de brasil. este hombre dice que no quiere la franela brasilera prefiere la de alemania por la que pagÓ 120 reales, unos 60 $ dolares. las argentinas van de los 60 a los 80 $ cada una. aqui en los alrededores literalmente el tango ha controlado a la samba. son los centenares de hinchas argentinos que literalmente han tomado la ciudad para ver a su selecciÓn jugar maÑana en el maracanÁ. >> estado podrÍa ser la oportunidad de la revancha en el mundial de 1990, cuando el arbitro sigo un penal que costÓ a la argen
to normal. well, not yet. germany and argentina tomorrow will battle it out in the world cup. i'm for germany. it is not because i like the german pope more than the argentinean pope. both popes are represented in the world cup. germany defeated the united states 1-0. i think it will make our guys look good if we lost to the team that goes on to win the world cup. those are my thoughts on the world cup. go germany tomorrow. what's next? there are no secrets between friends, right? >> germany is one of our strongest allies. angela is one of my closest partners. >> well, not so fast. germany just gave america's top spy chief the boot from the u.s. embassy in berlin. this could make things a bit awkward. >>> new parents with gorgeous twin daughters. the family with the nice home and mercedes benz, they defied a stereotype. i've had surgery, and yes, i have occasional constipation. that's why i take doctor recommended colace capsules. [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool for effective relief from occasional con
this afternoon? germany and argentina will meet tomorrow, 4:00 p.m., in the final game tomorrow. >>> oh, boy. the jobs market may be heating up, but recent college graduates and millenials are being left out in the cold. new research finds young people have been hit hardest by the recession and have a more difficult time finding jobs than older generations. with more on this, scott gamm. hi, scott. >> good to see you. >> so let's break this down. you say that the recession is not over for millenials? >> it's not. the unemployment rate for those ages 20 to 24 peaked at 12.2% in march. that's double the national average of 6.1%. we're seeing student loans become more of an issue for young people. student loan debt up $31 billion during the first quarter to a total of $1.1 trillion. we're seeing students take jobs that don't necessarily require a college degree. keep in mind, these unemployment numbers, a lot of people are saying, well, the unemployment situation is getting better. but if you look at the labor participation rate that at its lowest level since the 1970s. these numbers aren't tra
but argentina is strong defensively. there is great drama. it will be a lot of emotion, fun to watch. >> >> a viewing party tomorrow for the final match of the world cup. it scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. right year on abc seven. smithsonian says fans are invited to watch the game on the courtyard of the building that houses the national portrait. . -- portrait gallery. there is a 21 foot wall and air conditioning, more portly. does one turtle know which team will win tomorrow's world cup? the turtle picked argentina. flags for argentina and germany were placed in the pool. the turtle swam straight to the flag. his prediction was not so clear matche third-place between brazil and the neverland, but there you have it -- the netherlands, but there you have it. air'm glad they have conditioning because it's going to be about 90 degrees tomorrow, hot and humid and about a 30% chance of storms. scattered storms monday and tuesday and unseasonably cold air for the rest of the >>> this is "world news." tonight, terror in the sky. hundreds of passengersri feang the worst, their flight devel
. argentina and germany play for the title tomorrow. brazil the host country wanted to be in the title game. didn't want to be in the third place game and it showed today against the netherlands. they were flat out awful as the host country. how about the netherlands blaine daily right here gets the goal. the netherlands gets the three three-zero win third place at the world cup. >> lebron domino is ready to drop. new york knicks in contract negotiations with carmelo ant nope on a deal that will keep him in a new york knicks unifo uniform. he told both the bulls and rockets carmelo ant nope is off their list. pal go saul signed with the chicago bulls. we said it yesterday. as soon as lebron james signed his deal all the other domino's would start to fall in place and they did. carmelo is going to the knicks. palagi saul to the bulls. chris could be back to miami. we've got a little board here and we'll figure it all out. >> phillies on 7:15 on fox. there's a little fizzle for baseball back here, guys. >> thank you shredder. >> watch the seven news after the game. dangers of the heat can lea
out to the world cup. >> you like germany over ar generality argentina. >> we going out to dinner is it going to be okay? >> yeah it is going to be warm >> yeah it is going to be warm out all the chicken in your grocery store is inspected by the usda... but perdue asked them to go further. they verify that all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. >> axelrod: tonight, gaza battleground. conflicting claims on whether a mosque is doubling as a weapons storehouse holly williams has the latest as israel steps up its airstrikes. >> my mom, dad and me. that's it. i'm in a much better place. >> axelrod: the young survivor of the family massacre in houston speaks at a memorial service. vinita nair on the remarkable courage of
champions in a little more than 24 hours time. they will be facing off against argentina and rio. they will keep this on south american soil. >> they did not slip them on notice. of course it is a tense time. we are looking for it. we are optimistic. we are completely focused on sunday. >> he is doing all he can to keep his players focused. >> we will put everything into it. everything we've got whether it is physical or mental concentration. we will put everything into the thick three. consistently better. now is a chance that we are ready to take it. the tension builds. >> they will be getting the pen out and writing. want to bite history. the first europeans to win the world cup on south american soil. are we likely to see them in action again? >> we saw this before and again. there is been a view key changes. into the right back. that was his usual position. he has moved back from this role. solid. looked much more theermany, there was performance against brazil that was outstanding. i think we are going to see that performance. germany is feeling very confident. they have be
argentina and germany have met in the world cup finals. but before the big game, a decidedly anticontest t 2-nothing in the first half. the two sides. brazilian fans heart broken after last week's trouncing by german and conconflicted about who to root 4 in tomorrow's final. the worldcup organizing body is having to deal with a ticket scandal. the director of the hospitality ticket agency is on the run, accused of running a racket to help resell tickets for the tournament. lucia newman. >> the cocobana pallance as looks like a crime scene and apparently, it is. the security camera footage shows ray whelan, the director of world cup hospitality leaving as police went in to rearrest him. he left an hour ago and he is considered afuge i have been at the moment. his arrest warrant has been issued. he is considered afuge i have been. >> he was first arrested on monday and accused of being the main source of world cup tickets who ran an illegal ticket reselling scream worth at least $90 million. his company, mat services hired by fifa has denied any wrongdoing. when the world cup began, we saw the
. and there is a company that is in argentina. argentina loses the entire value of an argentinian peso every three or four years due to inflation. a company is solvent of that and another in africa that is doing the same kind of thing. in mexico, a lot of interesting companies that are really trying to transform the emerging economies. >> do we need it -- you mention one company, but do we need a more big companies like amazon, like starbucks to accept bitcoins to enable it to survive as a currency? >> in east fact, through snap card, you can go to amazon and buy things through amazon. it is already happening. there are many companies making it -- make it a press announcement, i have a notice of three or four since i hit the bid that have decided they will also accept bitcoin. it is happening. it is a new ecosystem and very powerfully system that is not tied to the whims of a government. if you are not comfortable with your government, bitcoin is a great edge. in fact, i think any institutional investor that is a fiduciary needs to hold bitcoin. it is a possibility that this becomes the main currency of t
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's argentina fans are in town. the world cup is on its way. >> the airstrikes on gaza is in its fifth day and the delinque death toll is mounting. we know seven of the day are palestinian fighters. one of the most horrific attacks in the north of gaza. two of the patients and a medical assistant were killed. others were seriously wounded. stephanie decker went to the attack. here is her report. >> reporter: may is disabled. the her where she lives at was attacked. >> we have seen four casualties. three of them are disabled. these are overburns and their lives are still at risk. >> not much is left of this care home. when asked if there were any links to missiles they categorically said no. >> reporter: the bomb came true the roof and hit here in the ground floor of the center. you can see there is a mattress left. there is a wheelchair that tells you exactly where peopl what people were here, disabled people. >> reporter: many people here tell us they are no longer surprised by the brutality of this war. because no one is trying to stop their suffering, they say the international communit
on argentina tomorrow afternoon. it's been noted on social media out there for the first time ever the two teams in the final of the world cup each have a living pope in their corner. pope francis from argentina, and the emeritus pope benedict is from germany. how do pope's trash talk, i wonder? there's no word of a wager between the two at this point. >>> well, in a courtroom in north carolina this week, history was at stake. in 2008, you remember then candidate barack obama did something that no other democrat presidential candidate had done in 32 years. of course, we know a lot of history was made by barack obama, but there's one thing he did do that not only bill clinton was able to do. he turned north carolina blue. in 2008, by a margin of less than 1%. how exactly did he do that? well, as "usa today" pointed out back then, obama leaned on first-time voters and energized african-americans to offset a tradition of republican success. now, with that in mind, another potential game-changer is unfolding right now in the tar heel state. when they could indeed have lasting implications on t
, before germany and argentina meet in the final tomorrow. >>> the death toll in gaza reaching more than 125 people. and all this, as the terrorist group isis continues to attack iraq and syria. so, how does the crisis in gaza impact the crisis in iraq and syria as well? chuck nash joins us to discuss this. good to see you, as always. how do you see this all coming together? what are we seeing unfold in the middle east? >> i think what we're seeing is the further deterioration of the situation. the situations in iraq, the instability in the gulf, to afghanistan, and israel, and going through the northern coast of africa, and the dismemberment of a lot of those governments that were the fallout of the arab spring. and the focal point, israel, that's where they can coalesce around. when they're not fighting each other, that's what they look to. and hamas is around more than they' they've ever been. a lot of arms and capability have moved into gaza and thus into the hands of hamas from libya. >> and we've seen evidence of that. rocket fire from gaza has landed in bethlehem as well as hebron
. >> well, cue to the countdown before germany faces off against argentina for the world cup championship. arriving for the match signing autographs and taking pictures with highly anticipating and waiting fans. the world cup organizing body fifa is having to deal with a ticket scandal. the ticket agency is on the run accused of running a racket to help resell tickets for the tournament. we have the story. >> reporter: the copa cabana palace looks like a crime scene, and apparently it is. this security camera footage shows ray wheelen, the director of world cup hospitality tickets, leaving through the hotel service entrance just as police went in to rearrest him. >> he left an hour ago, and he's considered a fugitive at the moment. the arrest warrant has been issued. he's considered a fugitive. >> reporter: wheelen, who was first arrested on monday but police is accused of being the main source of world cup tickets being sold to an algerian national who ran a reticket reselling scene worth $90 million. wheelen's company hired by fifa has denied any wrongdoing. when the world cup began we
to watch the world cup final between germany and argentina. the city is expecting another big crowd. just like the one that showed up for the usa/belgium game last week. in the south bay there will be a viewing party at st. james park in san jose. for today's third-place game between brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. >>> you can watch today's match between the netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. live on our sister network, espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play in the world cup final live here on abc7 news, our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and remember, you can catch the game on the go on your smartphone or tablet with watchabc. >>> much more ahead on abc7 news saturday morning news -- the you unique summer camp in the east bay that helps special teenagers practice their social skills. >>> and high-rise rentals, a major milestone for san jose. how apartment living is fueling the downtown economy. >> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >>> welcome back, we're coming up on 8:30 and starting this half hour with a quick
the soccer talk 15 years after the u.s. victory of the women's world cup. germany and argentina's men take center stage in brazil on >> on tech know, imagine getting the chance to view the world. >> the brain is re-learning how it sees again >> after decades in the dark, >> i couldn't get around on my own >> a miraculous bionic eye... >> i'm seeing flashes >> great >> tech know, every saturday go where science meets humanity. >> this is some of the best driving i've every done, even though i can't see. >> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> the world cup has gripped america, but will it hold after sunday's final match? 15 years ago this week randy won for the mental kick. it helped fuel women' soccer and women's sports. brandi chastain has won two gold medals. we'll get to the world cup in a moment, but i want to address something, traumatic head injuries among kids who play sports. you have pushed for important changes for kids who play soccer >> absolutely. i think
visit argentina and brazil for bilateral talks. >>> and finally, 30-year-old kayla riley says her 4-year-old son eli saved her life when she was having a diabetic seizure in her indiana home and was unresponsive. listen to this. the pregnant mother of three says that when eli couldn't find the phone to call 911, he goes to his ipad to facetime his grandparents in florida. >> oh, wow. >> you press the green facetime button, and you press this button and -- >> who does it call? >> yaya in florida. >> so cute, right. grandpa joe hernandez, a retired firefighter called 911 from florida and managed to get the help his daughter needed and he says his grandson acted like a veteran first responder. how about that. >> quick-thinking boy. >> all this talk about limiting screen time for kids. >> right. >> this is a piece of contrary -- >> by the way, his 5th birthday is coming up. he wants an iphone. >> i'm sure apple may be sending him one. >> absolutely. yeah, he should get several. thank you. >>> now to problems connected to the big hidden cash giveaway that's been taking america by storm. polic
their goal of winning and finishing in third. the world cup final between germany and argentina is set for tomorrow. >> a bay area teacher training as an astronaut. >> the space suit is like a ticket to coolness i hope. >> in 20 minutes the lessons he is bringing back to his students to help them launch into new careers. >> first, an unusual chase in southern california leads police right in to the ocean. how officers were finally able to arrest a man who ran away. ? >>> a man is facing charges after leading police on a chase that ended up with officers dragging him out of the ocean. investigators say witnesses saw the man trying to break-in to a carral will rogers state beach. when police arrived they say the man became aggressive with officers. he then ran across a highway and into the water. police say they teamed up with lifeguards to surround him and drag him out of the ocean. >>> tracy morgan is suing wal- mart over last month's crash in new jersey that seriously injured him and killed another comedian. the lawsuit claims wal-mart was negligent when a driver of its tracker tr
friends. tomorrow, germany is facingti e argentina, the biggest sporting competition in the world. let's just say, a lot of people are expected to watch. according to fifa, nearly one-third of the planet up waed at least some world cup patch hads in 2010 and more than a billion saw the final match. >>> number five -- look at this guy. he is -- in some state of euphoria here. everybody's proud to put a jersey on again. cleveland's prodigal son is coming home. lebron james announced yesterday he will once again play for the cavalie cavaliers. he told "sports illustrated" he is returning to the team an older, wiser player and ready to win a championship for cleveland, but he says, that will take time. >>> facing a gris lodlocked congress, president obama vowed to fix as much of the immigration system that he can. the kicker "on my own." >> yeah. on his own. as tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants continue to stream into the u.s., the president headed to texas to talk solutions but did not go all the way to the border, which made a lot of people angry. >> obama wants $3.7 billion t
and argentina. the city is expecting another big crowd, just like the one that showed up for the usa-belgium game last there will be a viewing park in st. james park in san jose for the third place game between brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. you can watch today's match between netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. on our sister network espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play live. that starts at 10:00 a.m. you can catch the game on the go with your telephone or tablet with watchabc. >> much more ahead on the saturday morning news. out niekro summer camp in the east bay that helped some special teenagers practice their social skills. and high-rice rentals. a major new milestone for san jose. how thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. >> welcome back. here's lisa with an update. >> a return to an on shore flow. the winds have been out forecast south. it's been rather gray in parts of the
considering that the national team could become world champions sunday. they will face-off against argentina in rio. germany is headed into the game as the favorite after their crushing 7-1 win over host brazil in the semi final, but argentina is confident they will keep the title on south american soil in what is sure to be a classic final. >> the german team arrived in rio de janeiro late at night, but they did not go unnoticed. the countdown has started. everyone is waiting for sunday evening. >> of course is a tense time. we are looking forward to it. we are obviously optimistic. we want to bring the world cup back to germany. that is our job on sunday. we are completely focused on that. >> the coaches doing all he can focused andplayers confident with their eyes firmly fixed on the biggest prize in football. our skill,put all of everything into it -- everything we have, whether it is physical or mental concentration. we will put everything into getting a victory. we have worked for this for a few years now. we cap to developing our game. we have gotten consistently better. now is our bi
final is here tomorrow on 6 abc, you have argentina david. >> i'm going with germany, we have a preview of the big game. kids get to create artwork bases on masterpieces at the museum of art, details on the 6 abc love the arts report. >> i don't know what team i want to win, they are wonderful. >> you want germany because the u.s. played so well against them. you want fighting in the streets of brazil don't you. >> for all of us here at "action news" have a great saturday. what can i get you? [customer] oh, sorry. i was daydreaming. [server] dreaming about your wedding, huh? [customer] yes! actually. [server] with a big ice sculpture and a string quartet? [violins playing] [customer] yeah. how'd you know? [server] you've got the new instant game from pennsylvania lottery. [customer] yeah. $1 million golden ticket, with 5 top prizes of 1 million bucks. [narrorator] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning today. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, ever
. germany and argentina, i'm completely neutral, but i might be married to an argentinian. in south america you can see the cloud over the parts o of argentina will be edging away. we'll get to around 19 degrees, but there is still a chance of one or two showers and there is wet weather edging its way to santiago as well. >> steph, you're suggesting that you might be married to an argentinian. just in case you don't know, you are. it's not a "might," it is an oh is." >> thank you. >> now fans in new york might have something new to listen to. the met said it may go broke. [♪ singing ] >> reporter: this season the opera house is taking place off stage with ticket sales an charitable donations down management isen gauged in an epic battle with the met's 16 unions over the budget. general manager said that the met will go bankrupt in two years without spending cuts. he says labor costs account for two-thirds of the met's budget. he wants unions to take a 16% pay cut and change rules that guarantee payment for four performances a week. that struck the wrong tone with staff and musicians. by t
>> nos despedimos deseÁndole mucha suerte a argentina. >> va a ganar argentina 1 a 0. el lunes toda la cobertura. >> presentadora: el siguiente prrama es presentado por supp, la nueva y poderosa bebida regeneradora de la salud de supple, llc. >> hola, y bienvenidos al programa de medicina inteligente. soy la doctora monita poudyal y hoy le tenemos un gran programa. si usted tiene dolor o conoce a alguien que tiene dolor en las articulaciones, de espalda óseo-muscular o si sufre de artritis, artrosis, artritis reumatoide, fibromialgia o incluso debilidad o fatiga, tiene que quedarse con nosotros durante la la próxima media hora. estaremos hablando de avances médicos que pueden ayudarle a aliviar el dolor, recuperar la movilidad y hacerse más fuerte sin medicinas, cirugía, ni efectos colaterales negativos. mi invitado de hoy es peter apatow. es un destacado sobrevivientde la artritis y el creador de supple. peter ha creado una revolucionaria bebida totalmente natural que ahora es más poderosa y más inclusivo que nunca. supple está ayudando a un sinnúmero de estadounidens
center plaza to watch the world cup final between germany and argentina. they expect another big crowd like the one that showed up last week. there will be a viewing park in st. james park in san jose for the third place game between brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. you can watch today's match between netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. on our sister network espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play live. that starts at 10:00 a.m. you can catch the game on the go with your telephone or tablet with watchabc. >>> the fbi has a new billion dollars electronic facial system. next generation identification system was 85% accurate. that's compared to facebook's 97% when identifying people through photographs. the government's main problem is the photos they use are typically from surveillance cameras. >>> a joke went viral. this is steven spielberg sitting next to a triceratops from the movie ""jurassic park"." people posted it as a many got riled up and reported the picture as animal cruelty. but the triceratops died out 65 million years ago. >>> blac
journey. [ ♪ theme ] >>> all right. in under 36 hours, either germany or argentina will be crowned world cup champions. the two soccer clients will square off in the world cup final. if germany wins, it will be the fourth title, and the third for argentina if they win. the head of f.i.f.a.'s hospitality provider for the world cup is on the run from police. we have the latest on the man accused of a multi-million dollar ticketing scam. >> the copa cabbana palace, a lavish hotel with top f.i.f.a. officials were staying looks like a crime scene - apparently it is. the security camera footage chose ray phelan, the director of world cup hospitality levelling through the service entrance as police went in to arrest him. >> he left. he's considered a fugitive. >> whlan, first arrested on monday is accused of being the source of world cup ticketelan, monday is accused of being the source of world cup ticket to an algerian, accused of running a $90 million ticket scam. whelan denied wrongdoing. when the world cup began we saw street scalpers trying to make a profit. so the guy in orange is offeri
against one another. you could call it is pope-off. pope francis is from argentina why pope emeritus benedict is from germany. >> it is unlikely they will get together to watch the match. tourist shops have been showing their allegiance flying both flags near the vatican. >>> the smithsonian hosting a viewing party for tomorrow's final match. you're invited to watch argentina and germany battle it out across from the verizon center. fans will get to watch the game on the 21-foot video wall. the park is enclosed and has ac. nice and cool. >>> a very lucky little puppy survived hurricane arthur. >> yes. the dog was found wandering the streets of jacksonville, north carolina, while the storm was pounding the city. someone fortunately picked him up and got him to a pet shelter. no one came to pick him up for five days. cute. steven mills here saw the dog on the news and decided to adopt him. and he names him, appropriately so, arthur. he says he and his wife don't have any kids and so their dogs are their babies. and judging by that tail wag there -- do you see that? he couldn't be happi
. china's president will visit cuba, argentina and brazil. >>> let's get the sports news. thank you. lebron james announced he's heading to the queensland cavaliers as a free agent. the 29-year-old spent four years at the miami heat, winning two n.b.a. championships. >> reporter: lebron james is coming home. the n.b.a.'s 4-time most valuable player is returning to the cleveland cavaliers after four years with the miami heat. he posted this picture and told sports illustrated: >>> lebron james was raised in akron ohio 65km from cleveland and began his career with them. they were surprised. >> to say i'm excited and happy would qualify as a great understatement of the millennium. >> the best player come to your team, it will be a great learning experience to play along side the best the game. >> lebron james broke the hearts of the cleveland fans when he left in 2010. for now, all is forgiven. >> everybody is happy. everybody has a smile on their face, a greatest moment in cleveland. >> james , you have done a wonderful -- lebron james, you have done a wonderful thing for clevelelelel
call it a pope-off. >> pope francis is from argentina while pope emeritus benedict is from germany. the spokesperson says it's unlikely they'll get together to watch the match. >> hard choice there. >>> all right. those of you with a lead foot, listen up. where speed cameras will cost you a ticket. >>> also what to expect this morning and throughout the day. amelia has the hour-by-hour forecast at the top of the hour. stay with us. uncle craig, what's the deal? oh...you can't record that many shows at once. why? you can't save every single cartoon. why? you know you can't pause the tv here and play it in another room. why? it's time for fios quantum tv. store up to 200 hours in hd. record up to 12 shows at once. pause and play live tv, room to room. plus, watch live tv on the go with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. >>> new images of a car ripped to pieces. this morning what police are saying about what caused this crash straight ahead. >>> but first, a warm weather weekend and just wait until you see the seven-day forecast from storm team 4. >> thanks for joining us
esperar de este fin de semana. ♪ ♪ >> el director tÉcnico de la selecciÓn argentina, sabella renunciarÁ a su cargo despuÉs del mundial lo dijo sub agente a un radio de su paÍs. representante seÑalÓ que sabella dio lo que tenÍa que dar por reflexiÓn, ahora es momento de dejar el camino a otro. argentina jugarÁ la final del mundial contra alemania este domingo y este partidazo lo pueden disfrutar a travÉs de univisiÓn y univisiÓn deportes network. lionel messi, james rodrÍguez y neymar estÁn entre los jugadores nominados al balÓn de oro. ademÁs de messi tiene nominados a Ángel di marÍa y javier mascherano. el liverpool anunciÓ la venta de luis suÁrez al barcelona por prÓximas 5 temporadas, los equipos no revelaron el monto del traspaso del delantero que participÓ del mundial con uruguay, suÁrez recibiÓ una sanciÓn de 5 partidos internacionales y suspensiÓn de 4 meses por morder al italiano. >> los argentinos se han volcado hacia brasil en foliadas impresionantes por apoyar a su equipo en la final contra alemania. se calcula que al me
>> va a ganar argentina 1 a 0. el lunes toda la cobertura. ♪ ♪ >> la fiebre del mundial de llena el mundo. fuimos a investigar dÓnde se originÓ. un atleta brasileÑo hace monumentales obras en barro y musgo ahora en primer impacto extra. ♪ ♪ >> hola quÉ tal les saluda pamela silva conde hemos disfrutado del mejor fÚtbol que se juegan el mundo sabÍa que se originÓ en una zona de inglaterra las reglas eran completamente diferentes, rafael investigÓ y nos amplÍa. >> en el norte de inglaterra hace 900 aÑos se desata una batalla campal en nombre de el fÚtbol. joe tiene 62 aÑos y 48 jugando fÚtbol medieval dos costillas rotas a los 60 y sigue sin haber obstÁculos para este deporte en su versiÓn original. en esta cancha y no solicitamos la primera de las porterÍas es la entrada principal de la fortaleza medieval, deporte del que naciÓ el soccer y el rugby explica cÓmo se anotaba el gol. >> la aventaban tres veces es cuando las multitudes se emocionan. >> por un dÍa las calles se convierten en canchas, llevan a un muelle pesquero abandonado, en el fÚtbol medieval l
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